Free Kaliningrad walking tour in English

This is something new for our city. And I would be happy to join you on this tour to see how it’s working. Just let me know in the comments that you are interested.

Here is the meeting point, the House of Soviets, look for the blue fence close to that building:

So, here is the official information:

Free Walking Tour in Kaliningrad will help you get your bearings in the most European-minded city of Russia and allow you to make the most of your stay here! The guide will walk you through the history of Kaliningrad, from its start as a land of Konigsberg to becoming a significant most western part of Russia. You will get to know the best parts of Kaliningrad and hear some “secrets” of this marvelous place with very special identity. A perfect introduction to Kaliningrad will be given to you. After the NEW Free Walking Tour you’ll have all the time you want to explore further with fellow travelers.
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