FIVB Volleyball World Grand Prix and World League in Kaliningrad


Volleyball World Grand Prix in Kaliningrad

The 2016 FIVB Volleyball matches will be held in Kaliningrad in June 2016. Russia women’s national team host Belgium, the Netherlands and Turkey in Kaliningrad in World Grand Prix Pool C1. And later men’s team is hosting Bulgaria, Poland and Serbia in the FIVB Volleyball World League Pool C1 first week matches.

The tickets are supposed to be sold at the venue: DS Yantarny. I don’t see any online options so far. 

Feel free to comment or contact us if you need any help with transportation, tickets or any other information about visiting FIVB Volleyball matches in Kaliningrad! Welcome!

Match Schedule

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Book a boat cabin in Kaliningrad center

This post will be about one of the newest and coolest hotel in Kaliningrad. It began functioning last year on board of the research vessel in the Museum of the World Ocean. It’s hard to find it on because of the strange name they have chosen: Gostevie kayuti Vityaz witch is actually mean “Vityaz Guest Cabins” in Russian. Vityaz is the name of that legendary vessel that became part of this unique museum. Continue reading “Book a boat cabin in Kaliningrad center”

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Zelenogradsk Beach

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