Kaliningrad Weather: what to expect

We have a local joke here:

If you don’t like weather in Kaliningrad, just wait for half an hour and it will change.

This is partly true, the climate here is very “unstable” and the weather can change several times during the day. But let’s take a look at the weather statistics, so you could get a general impression what you can expect during your trip to Kaliningrad. The following table is from Wikipedia and based on very old data. But you can find both Celsius and Fahrenheit. You can see that Summer is not very hot, Winter – not cold, and Spring and Autumn temperatures can be very unpredictable.



And the next graphs are based on the actual data: average for last 7 years.

Day and Night Temperature in Kaliningrad (°C):

Sunny and rainy days per month:


By month: January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December

This should give you a general impression on Kaliningrad Weather during the year.

For a short term weather forecast I can recommend two options that I use on daily basis.

Review of KD Hostel in the center of Kaliningrad

We have a brand new hostel right in the heart of Kaliningrad. “KD Hostel” is available on Booking.com less than a month, and have a stunning 9.8/10 rating so far. And we have an exclusive review from one of our readers.

Laura from Argentina: KD Hostel is a beautiful Hostel located in the city center of Kaliningrad, right next to the orthodox cathedral and two shopping malls. The hostel has a well equipped kitchen and a cozy couch area. KD Hostel offers double rooms and 6-bed-dorms with a shared bathroom. The beds in the dorms have a curtain for privacy as well as a lamp, a plug socket and a small locker for your valuables. Everything is very clean and nicely decorated. Only cons: one bathroom for all the guests, so you might have to wait to shower, and the staff hardly speaks any English. Continue reading “Review of KD Hostel in the center of Kaliningrad”

First Kaliningrad Guide Blog reader that we met in person!

Matias from Chile is the first Kaliningrad Guide Blog reader that we met in person! #kaliningradguide #immanuelkant #kantphilosophy

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Matias from Chile is the first Kaliningrad Guide Blog reader that we met in person! It was nice to spend some time with him and show the city!

p.s. Use hashtag #kaliningradguide when you post something online about visiting Kaliningrad!

FIVB Volleyball World Grand Prix and World League in Kaliningrad


Volleyball World Grand Prix in Kaliningrad

The 2016 FIVB Volleyball matches will be held in Kaliningrad in June 2016. Russia women’s national team host Belgium, the Netherlands and Turkey in Kaliningrad in World Grand Prix Pool C1. And later men’s team is hosting Bulgaria, Poland and Serbia in the FIVB Volleyball World League Pool C1 first week matches.

The tickets are supposed to be sold at the venue: DS Yantarny. I don’t see any online options so far. 

Feel free to comment or contact us if you need any help with transportation, tickets or any other information about visiting FIVB Volleyball matches in Kaliningrad! Welcome!

Match Schedule

Continue reading “FIVB Volleyball World Grand Prix and World League in Kaliningrad”

Book a boat cabin in Kaliningrad center

This post will be about one of the newest and coolest hotel in Kaliningrad. It began functioning last year on board of the research vessel in the Museum of the World Ocean. It’s hard to find it on Booking.com because of the strange name they have chosen: Gostevie kayuti Vityaz witch is actually mean “Vityaz Guest Cabins” in Russian. Vityaz is the name of that legendary vessel that became part of this unique museum. Continue reading “Book a boat cabin in Kaliningrad center”

Welcome to Kaliningrad!

Hello! We are Nick, Jane and Marta from Kaliningrad, Russia, welcome to this new blog about our city! The idea is to help English speaking tourists to find useful hints and tips about visiting our region. We’ll try to cover all frequent questions about this city.

And so on!

We know that is quite hard to find actual information about Kaliningrad in English. And if you have any questions feel free to contact us! We will be happy to help you with our answer!

Zelenogradsk Beach

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