Visit Malbork Castle during a trip to Kaliningrad

Poland is the main travel route to Kaliningrad for tourists. And it’s obvious that many hope to visit various tourist attractions on their way. Malbork Castle is a true gem to explore. Especially if you be lucky to travel during some historical reenactment events happening there from time to time.

How to travel to Malbork?

As you can see from the map, Malbork is located slightly off the main route to Kaliningrad if you travel from Gdansk. That leaves you with several options:

Bus Malbork – Kaliningrad

Ecolines bus: Malbork – Kaliningrad

Ecolines bus is the only available direct connection between Malbork and Kaliningrad, twice a week on Tuesday and Sunday early morning. Doesn’t sounds perfect, but keep in mind that this unique medieval castle is huge. You can easily spend a whole day exploring the museum and the area around. So you can spend a night in Malbork, take this early bus, arrive in Kaliningrad and have a full day here.

Also, you can take a returning bus FROM Kaliningrad to Malbork on your way back from Russia. It arrives at 19:10 on Thursday and Saturday. This won’t’ leave you enough time to explore all castle dungeons, again, you will need to stay in one of the hotels nearby.

Any alternative ways to get to Malbork?

Malbork is easily reachable by train from any major city in Poland. With local railway site, you will find all possible options. For example, there are direct ones from Gdansk every 2 hours. A quick 50-minute ride allows to make a day trip to Malbork and return back to Gdansk easily. Trains from Warsaw arrive every hour, that’s a 2.5 hours ride.

So, in this case, after visiting Malbork you should return to Gdansk to catch one of the buses to Kaliningrad. You can try to catch it in Elblag as well, this could save you an hour or so, but it`s a less tourist-friendly option with a smaller bus station and unpredicted delays. But still possible.

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