Russia – Sweden at Kaliningrad Stadium

This summer Kaliningrad hosted 4 World Cup matches and it was a huge success. Now we can’t wait for the next big football game: UEFA Nations League: Russia vs Sweden.

Traveling to Kaliningrad for Nations League match?

Special visa-free entry system has been prolonged until the end of the year. So Sweden and neutral fans can entry to Kaliningrad with special Fan IDs issued for the FIFA World Cup.

You will find some articles about traveling to Russia from Poland and Lithuania. Maybe some will find routes from Russia or Minsk more convenient. Also, there are some recommendations about places to stay next to the city center, tourist sights or the stadium. Anyway, feel free to ask for any pieces of advice in the comments.

Also, we would start a WhatsApp group to chat to discuss all related issues… including pub crawling. You are welcome to join!

p.s. The match will be held on October 11 on 21:45 local time. See you there!

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