Belarus Transit for the World Cup in Russia

The Belarus transit visa issue was a critical issue for many fans, that plan to visit Minsk and other cities. As well as taking a flight or a train, including Free Trains between Kaliningrad and Moscow.

Today a new agreement between Russia and Belarus was signed: a temporary agreement on mutual visa recognition for the upcoming large sports events. It means, that World Cup FanID can be used to cross Belarus border.

Still to find an official text of the agreement, but I believe that the Belarus Transit Puzzle is finally solved.

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  1. This is good, but there’s still a degree of confusion about how it actually works. It seems pretty obvious you can do straight transit from say Kaliningrad to Moscow via Belarus and that will be fine with a Fan ID. It even seems you can stop for a couple of days in Minsk and sightsee on the way. But what isn’t clear are the limitations: e.g. what does transit mean? Does it have to be to a venue you have a ticket for? Could you say go from Vilnius to Minsk, stay for a couple of days, then go back to Vilnius (which isn’t transit at all)? If not then what are the rules on what you can/can’t do with a Fan ID?

    1. Fair question.

      The Agreement provides for visa-free entry into the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus for the holders of spectator identity cards (fan passports or FAN IDs) or information about them provided they have an authentic ID.

      Looks ok for visiting Minsk only. But you can try to contact Belarus officials for confirmation.

  2. Does anybody have any information if it will be possible to stop and leave the free train in Minsk now that the deal is made? As far as I know there is possibility for intermediate stops on some free trains, although not mentioned (yet) for this route on official transit pages. Basicaly, will the free train even pass through and/or stop in Minsk?


    1. Good question. This is something worth to be asked at the official Free Train site. Try to contact them.

      But I think the chances are low for that.

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