Free shuttles to the Kaliningrad Stadium

5 bus routes were announced for the World Cup matchdays today:

  1. Khrabrovo Airport – Kaliningrad Stadium – Pink
  2. North Railway Station (Severnyj) – Stadium – Blue
  3. South Railway station (Juzhnij) – Stadium – Red
  4. Official Parking – Stadium – Black
  5. Official Parking – North Railway Station – Green

A lot of roads will be closed in the area from 14:00 to 01:00, that could affect taxi services as well, as they need a special accreditation for entering this zone. So be prepared to take a shuttle or at least a 10 min. walk or longer. Shuttles should depart every 10 minutes before the match and every 3 after the end.

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  1. Hello,

    Do you know how long it might take to travel from the airport to the stadium? I am planning to take a flight which arrives at the airport at 17:00 and the match starts at 19:00. I am not sure if 2 hours is enough time.

    Thanks for your website,


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