Free shuttles to the Kaliningrad Stadium

5 bus routes were announced for the World Cup matchdays today:

  1. Khrabrovo Airport – Kaliningrad Stadium – Pink
  2. North Railway Station (Severnyj) – Stadium – Blue
  3. South Railway station (Juzhnij) – Stadium – Red
  4. Official Parking – Stadium – Black
  5. Official Parking – North Railway Station – Green

A lot of roads will be closed in the area from 14:00 to 01:00, that could affect taxi services as well, as they need a special accreditation for entering this zone. So be prepared to take a shuttle or at least a 10 min. walk or longer. Shuttles should depart every 10 minutes before the match and every 3 after the end.

7 Replies to “Free shuttles to the Kaliningrad Stadium”

  1. Hello,

    Do you know how long it might take to travel from the airport to the stadium? I am planning to take a flight which arrives at the airport at 17:00 and the match starts at 19:00. I am not sure if 2 hours is enough time.

    Thanks for your website,


  2. Where exactly is this official parking located in Kalinigrad? How long does it take for the shuttle to get to the stadium?

  3. Does it run 24h?
    I have a match at 20:00 and planning to buy flight at 4:00 am next day. I’d like to go straight to the airport after the match.
    What time does last bus departs from the stadium?

    1. We don’t have any official information on that yet, but I’m pretty sure it will run after the match… that’s the point of shuttles in the first place.

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