New trains from Gdansk and Klaipeda to Kaliningrad

We have an unexpected news today. Two trains to Poland and Lithuania was announced by the local railway company. Actually, you will have to switch trains near the border.  Test runs scheduled in January.

Kaliningrad – Gdynia Train

Train stations:  Kaliningrad – Mamonovo – Braniewo – Elblag – Malbork – Tczew – Gdansk – Sopot – Gdynia

5-hour ride and the price is about 8.25 euro

Kaliningrad – Klaipeda Train

Train stations: Kaliningrad – Sovietsk – Pagegiai – Klaipeda

5-hour ride and the price is about 20 euro

Let’s hope everything will go well and this new option will become available for tourist in the future in addition to currently available buses.

Stay tuned!

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  1. Love your blog, giving me all the information I need for the summer World Cup. Do you think if the trials go well the trains will run during the WC?

    1. I see WC as the only possible reason for those trials. So hope it goes well.

      We have started a WhatsApp group for travelers planning their trip for the FIFA Word Cup matches in Kaliningrad. Would you like to join?


      Happy new year!

          1. Nick,

            I am also heading to Poland and then Kaliningrad to watch the WC matches. Could you add me to the Whatsapp group?

            I see all Kiwi taxis are fully booked and there are still no news on the trains. I am started to get a bit worried how I will get there.

        1. Hi Nick,

          Could i please be added to the Whatsapp group please?

          I have tickets to the England v Belgium game (Thursday 28th Junes) and will arrive in Gdansk the day before, any information on getting the train to Kaliningrad would be appreciated. Thanks.


        2. Hi Robin, I’m going to Kaliningrad from Gdansk as well for the Spain v Morocco game and then England v Belgium, have you worked out how to get there from Gdansk? I’d welcome the chance to join the whats app group to learn more

          1. Hi Nick

            Also going to England v Belgium game and would like to join what’s app group



      1. Hi, Nick
        I’m interested in the whatsapp group too. Planning on going to the Switz-Serb and Spain-Morocco.

        Group of nine planning on doing the route from Gdansk.

      2. Good Day Nick,
        Will be attending Spain vs Morocco in Kaliningrad, departure from Gdansk. Thanks in advance for adding me in the list. Will really appreciate if I can still join.


  2. I’m interested in World Cup updates through what’s app group please.

    Also planning to take this train from Klaipeda to Kaliningrad during World Cup.

    1. Hi, during the test runs tickets where available at the Kaliningrad train station while Polish side was selling those on board only. Hope there will be more convenient way if they manage to run those trains either for the FIFA Word Cup, or on regular basis. Cheers.

  3. Hi,
    I am interested in your WhatsApp group as will be travelling from Gdansk to Kaliningrad for the England v Belgium match.

    1. Hi Adam,
      I would be very interested in your travel plans for the England v Belgium match as I have just been allocated tickets but trying to do it on a budget but also trying to make it an adventure.
      Any info you could give me would be very much appreciated.
      Thanks in advance.

    2. Hi Adam, happy days, just got tickets today for the England v Belgium match. We also are travelling from Gdansk to Kaliningrad so any info you’ve got will be gratefully received.

      Ypa (cheers in Russian apparently) Ian

  4. Hi Nick,
    I`m interested in WhatsApp group cause I`ll be traveling from Kaliningrad to Gdansk after CROATIA vs NIGERIA match.
    I`m interested in night schedule train saturday/sunday?!

      1. The buses appear to leave stupidly early in the morning or late in the day. I may just arrange a car transfer at a sensible hour.

  5. Hej.
    Jag vill vara med i din WhatsApp grupp. Ska se Kroatien-Nigeria . Tåg eller buss från Gdansk till Kaliningrad tur och retur.

  6. Hi,

    Also heading to Kaliningrad for the England Belgium game. Looking for best travel options.
    Any help greatly appreciated,


    1. Hello Adam, impossible to advise anything without knowing a starting point or you are referring to Gdansk only as a possible connection?

  7. Hi,
    I am interested in your WhatsApp group as will be travelling from Gdansk to Kaliningrad for the England v Belgium match.
    Thanks Bob

  8. Hi.
    I want to be in your WhatsApp group. Will see Croatia-Nigeria. Train or bus from Gdansk to Kaliningrad return.

    Greetings Neven

  9. Hello! I’d love to be in the WhatsApp group too. I’m coming to Kaliningrad from Gdańsk for the England v Belgium game on the 28th. Thank you!

  10. Hi, great little resource you have here! I’m going from Gdansk to the Serbia v Switzerland game on the 22nd so this Whatsapp group sounds like a great idea. Many thanks!

    1. You are welcome to join!

      The group has grown up to 70 participants, we have some Serbian Fans, don’t recall anyone from Switzerland yet.

      1. Recieved, thank you very much!

        I’m actually from England and I got tickets for this before the teams were even announced, so total neutral here, well, until I decide to place a bet on one, hah!

  11. Hi Nick
    Looking to join WhatsApp group. Traveling from Gdansk to Kaliningrad for World Cup games on the 25th and 28tb of June.
    Greetings from New Jersey

  12. Hello! Greetings from Indonesia! Would like to invited to your WA group. We will look for any possible land transfer to and from Kaliningrad to any city (gdansk, klaipeda, or even warsaw) in order to get sensible air ticket price to Geneva. We are 5pax holding Croatia v Nigeria match.
    Thank you in advance
    Joyohadi Kusumo

  13. Hello, i would like to join your whatsup group. Traveling Gdansk-Kaliningrad 27.6 for the England-Belgium game, and hope to somehow get back to Gdansk after the game 28.6.

  14. Hello,

    Nice to see there are lot of interested people to travel from Poland to Kaliningrad. I have tickets for Serbia-Switzerland and will be in Braniewo on 22.06. morning. Can I join whatsapp group, to search for transfer opportunities?


  15. Hi Nick,

    May I join the whatsapp group to find out transfer opportunities from Poland to Kaliningrad ?

    Thanks in advance for your help.


  16. Hello,

    I have two tickets for the Spain – Marocco game. Would like to join your group to find out transfer possibilites from Lithuania or Latvia.

    Many thanks in advance.

      1. Hello Nick,
        Few off us staying in Gdansk and then off to England Belgium game. Great idea WhatsApp group any change of joining up?

  17. Hi Nick,
    We are spending a week between Gdansk, Kaliningrad and Klaipeda, would love to get involved in your group and find the best things/routes to do while catching England v Belgium ,
    All the best

  18. Travelling to Kaliningrad for Switzerland Serbia and Spain Morocco games. Please add me to the WhatsApp, thanks!

  19. Hi coming to the World Cup in Kaliningrad. Would be great if the train is up and running to/from Gdansk. And could I get Whatsapp updates too. Thanks

  20. Hello Nick!
    Me and my friend have tickets for Croatia-Nigeria on the 16th of June and Serbia-Switzerland on the 22nd of June.
    We’re staying in Gdansk for 11 days and need also information about travelling options from Gdansk to Kaliningrad and back; we’re staying after match in Kaliningrad for a night and next day going back to Gdansk.

    Want to join this Whatsapp group.
    Many thanks!

  21. Hi Nick!

    We are traveling for the Spain v Morocco and England v Belgium and would be highly interested joining the WhatsApp group.

    All the best!

  22. Hi Nick
    Can I join the WhatsApp group please – I’m coming for the England V Belgium game from Gdansk – can’t wait!

  23. Hi,

    We have tickets for the Croatia-Nigeria on 16.6. and would like to join the WA-chat. Travelling from Finland->Gdansk->???->Kaliningrad. Thanks!

  24. Hey Nick,

    Can you also add me in the Whatsappgroup. We are with 14 guys from Holland and will be going to the game Morocco-Spain.

    Kind regards,

  25. Im interseted in the whatsapp group im traveling from gdansk to kaliningrad the 24th june for the match morocco – spain we are 4 people ; i want to know if the trains are available from gdansk thank you !

    1. No news so far about trains. Regular buses only. Also, we have a lad in our chat that is trying to organize fan-only buses.

  26. Hey there, i am so glad to find this page. We are going to the game England vs. Belgium on 29th of June. And we are looking Forward for Connections from Gdansk to Kaliningrad. Can I be added to the whatsapp Group too.

  27. Hey Nick,

    Thanks for all the info so far. We are four Finns coming to Kaliningrad for Match 26, 36 & 45, staying in the area for about a week. Highly interested on joining the WhatsApp-group.

  28. Another one coming for the England vs Belgium match. Would love to join the WhatsApp group. Will you post about the trains in the group if there is suddenly news?

  29. Hey,
    Could I join ur whatsapp group, I m going to the match morocco-spain and I would be happy if I can get informations about the train especially from kaliningrad to gdansk.

  30. Hi there! Since I need to go from Gdansk to Kaliningrad the 15th of may, I’m trying to find a way to get there! I ve searched on internet for a train connection (as You mentioned above), but it seems impossible to find on line! Any news about that?

  31. Hi Nick

    Also going to England v Belgium game and would like to join what’s app group



  32. Travelling to Kaliningrad for Switzerland Serbiagame. We need some help to decide if we do it from Riga or from Vilnius. Could you pls advise. thanks!

    1. Both connections has pro and cons… and it depends on your travel budget.

      Riga has direct flights and buses
      Vilnius – direct trains and buses

      1. Thanks Nick for your prompt reply. We are a group of 4 from Geneva and are interested in the buses or trains option from Riga or Vilnius. Are there a lot of people interested in one of that route? Can I join whatsapp group, to search for transfer opportunities? cheers

  33. Hi Nick,

    5 of us are coming with a rent a car from Croatia on 16.06. but I dont know if we could enter Kalinigrad with rent a car. Do you know anything about it?

    Also would like to join the whatsapp group…

    1. Hi, so far no one managed to find any rental company that provides this service.

      But some Croatian guys manage to negotiate that deal at home, you should contact your company first if they are ok with that idea.

  34. Hi Nick

    Also going to England v Belgium game and would like to join what’s app group and get info how travel to Kaliningrad.


  35. Hi Nick,

    We want to travel from Gdansk to Kaliningrad for the game of England-Belgium. Can you add me to the what’s app group?


  36. Hello Guys and Hello Nick!

    I am staying in Kaliningrad for 8 nights and I am struggling to find travel between Gdansk and Kaliningrad the days I am due to travel.

    I will be going to Kaliningrad on 21 June and return to Gdansk on 29 June. I cannot find any bus tickets for these dates?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!


  37. Hello Nick, can I join WhatsApp group. I have a ticket to Serbia vs Switzerland and planning to go with my friends from Klaipeda. BR, Laurynas

      1. Hi Nick, sorry for my late response. I’m going with the bus via Nida. My main concern is how to come back to Klaipeda as late as possible on 23rd of June. I still have no return ticket. Do you have any ideas? Thank you in advance.

  38. Hi Nick!
    Going to Spain – Morocco match and travelling from Gdansk, would very much appreciate to be added to the WhatsApp group if possible. Thank you in advance.


  39. Hi Nick,

    I’m attending to the Morocoo vs Spain game @ 8PM on June 25th and I need to catch a flight at Gdansk on June 26 9:00AM. Is there any option to travel at night and arrive to Gdansk early in the morning for 2 peolple. Also can you add me to the whatsapp group.

  40. How’s about train from Gdansk to Kaliningrad now, does it operate? I saw a bus option but wondering about waiting time at the border..any idea how long does it take waiting on the border?

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