Hotels in Kaliningrad for the World Cup 2018 in June

Kaliningrad will host 4 matches during the FIFA Football World Cup in Russia. A lot of recent questions from traveling fans are related a very typical: where to stay before and after the matches. There are a lot of hotels and hostels around, not all are available for booking yet. Prices and availability will change in the following months many times. So let’s check available options and try to figure out best areas to settle.

Where to stay in Kaliningrad?

Main part of the city that is worth to visit is quite small and most of the hotels located there within 5-8 km circle. So here we see important spots for planning the trip and choose best possible location to settle your base.

  1. Kaliningrad Stadium
  2. FIFA Fan Fest
  3. Road to the Khrabrovo Airport, 30 minutes ride from the center.
  4. Main train station for both regional and long-range trains, including free one. International bus station is next to it. Also you will find Airport Shuttle bus.
  5. Regional bus and train station for traveling to the seaside.  You can board some of those at Main Station too. More detail can be found here.

How to choose Kaliningrad Hotel or Hostel

When I see the list of available options there are tons of new and unknown places. Hard to give any specific recommendations. And it looks like most of major players are holding their rooms till later for some reason. But still, here is a list of the one that worth to mention in the first place.

This is not a complete list of available hotels, just the ones that are more or less known for me. There are a lot to select from including some new ones that were build for the Russia 2018 World Cup.

Apartments for rent and Airbnb in Kaliningrad Service offers 822 places to stay in Kaliningrad and most of those are rental apartments and various guest houses.

At the same time Airbnb offers 78 options today. Prices looks good so far. Also you can use a 22 Euro / 26 $ discount for Kaliningrad Blog Readers.

Secure booking ASAP

Be careful when making a choice: check reputation and read reviews carefully. Feel free to ask for an opinion on the property you like: area overview, transport option, etc.

But keep in mind that Kaliningrad hotel capacity is limited. I would recommend to book something with Free Cancellation as soon as possible. And then continue to look for a better option.


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