Travel from Vilnius to Kaliningrad and back

Lithuanian capital is one of the major transit routes to Kaliningrad. Vilnius Airport offers various flight connections across Europe as well as to Morocco, Egypt and Israel. Also international trains and buses are used by tourists to get there.

There are several ways to travel from Lithuania:

Train from Vilnius to Kaliningrad

Using Vilnius Train station you can board trains to Russia: Kaliningrad, Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Sochi, etc. There are 5 different trains available. Schedule is quite complex, but you will find from one to three options for any date.

Check the schedule and buy tickets here.

Ticket prices in rubles. About 42 euros Sleeper Economy Class and 78 euros for higher class with 4 person cabins.

Add to your travel plan some time for border control check at the train station. 6 hour ride in total, than include an hour or so stop for another border control when entering Russia. Also there is a small bar inside a train to make time fly faster.

Kaliningrad – Vilnius bus schedule

Bus is slower, less comfortable, but quicker and cheaper. There are direct busses from Vilnius to Kaliningrad and two transit ones from Belarus: Minsk and Baranovichi.

You can try to research an actual bus schedule to Kaliningrad here: and Unfortunately not all ticket are available online there. You can also try:

Those sites have a lot of technical and translation issues, but it’s valid way. We buy ticket there regularly. Feel free to ask any assistance required.

Hitchhike to Kaliningrad from Lithuania

This topic deserves a separate article. It’s possible. And there is a unique option to cross Russian border by foot in Sovetsk and Kybartai

Transfer from Vilnius to Kaliningrad

There is a number of private drivers that offer such services. Expensive, but flexible. Don’t know if anyone of them speak English. I’ve tried it myself once in order to get to Gdansk and back with a small child.

Other ways to get to Kaliningrad from Lithuania

Later we will add info about possible connections via Klaipeda, Palanga, Nida, Taurage Sauliai and Druskininkai. Latvia is also in our ToDo list.

Feel free to comment for any help or additional information! Cheers!

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  1. Hello,

    It’s a nice article! I have few questions on entering and leaving Kaliningrad.

    I’m planning to travel to Kaliningrad for a couple of days in mid September 2018. Planning to travel from Vilnius, Lithuania. Not decided yet to go by bus or train. Will I get outgoing stamp from Schengen (Lithuania) or will I get only stamping for entering Kaliningrad?

    After two days and one night, I will leave to Warsaw, Poland from Kaliningrad. Will I get outgoing stamping from Kaliningrad and incoming stamping for Schengen area in Poland?

  2. Can a travel agency in Kaliningrad provide a visa for my 2 days of stay? Or a travel agency can provide only a voucher or an invitation letter for applying visa with a Russian consulate in India?

    I will probably start from Klaipeda to Kaliningrad and from there to Warsaw, Poland. I’m not finalised yet to stay for 2 days or 1 day. This need to constant even after I get a visa?

    Is the Russian border closed at night for stamping? Or I can get stamped at all times there excluding Saturday and Sunday.

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