Free trains for Russia 2018 FIFA World Cup

As some already know there will be a number of special trains to the World Cup Host Cities that fans will be able to book for FREE. That option includes Kaliningrad as well.

You can check the schedule already.

Unfortunately Moscow is the only city available so far. I as hoping to visit Saint Petersburg for free.
But note that the schedule is not final and shall be subject to change. It will be finalized after December 15, 2017.

Also important to know that by taking such train you will cross borders of Lithuania and Belarus. No information is available if there will be any special visa-free solutions available. Check the requirements of those countries for your citizenship, what is needed to cross the border for you.

p.s. And yeah, this is post is about FREE Trains. At the same time there are a lot of regular trains and plains from Kaliningrad to major Russian cities and several neighbor countries.

Feel free to ask any questions regarding visiting Kaliningrad and Russia for the FIFA World Cup 2018.

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  1. Good Day and Greetings,
    I will be visiting for the England-Belgium game and I am a citizen of India I wanted to know what would the travel process be from Moscow to Kaliningrad , I would be greatly obliged to know how to apply for any transit documents if applicable.

    Thank You,
    Best Regards,
    Vikramaditya Padhye

    1. If you talking about trains than you will need documents (visas) to cross Lithuania and Belarus.

      There is a chance that Russia and Belarus agreement will allow using FanIDs for transit, but we are still waiting for confirmation of that.

      If you are talking about planes – then now transit documents required for the internal flights.

    2. Hi Vikramaditya. I will be there for the Eng-Bel game as well .. from India. Let me know if you come to know regd. the transit visa details.

        1. Hi,

          I am also from India and planning to go to Kaliningrad for a match. Did you guys find out if we need transit visa if we are taking the free train from Moscow .? I understand we don’t need for Belarus. But how about Lithuania? Looking forward to hear from you guys.

          Thank you very much

    1. It was said that information about Free train stops will be available later.

      I think that the chances for a stop in Vilnius are very low but possible.

  2. I was read somewhere kaliningrad is under eroupe area but part of russia so I m trying to go there later I ll share my experience,,but if anyones know more confirm or surely about kaliningrad then then reply

  3. I will be in Kaliningrad for the Spain vs. Morocco match and I plan on leaving Kaliningrad to Gdansk on the 26th(day after match). I have not been able to buy bus tickets online. The bus station website is not very helpful and ecolines only drives out of Kaliningrad on certain days of the need. Any advice?

  4. I am from Bangladesh and going to watch football in Russia. Can I visit kaliningrad stadium by using my FAN ID?

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