Letter of invitation to visit Kaliningrad

And while Kaliningrad Guide Blog is waiting for any new information about free visas to visit Kaliningrad, the issue of getting “Letter of invitation” for standard Russian Tourist Visa is still actual. Latest question was received from Seattle, USA. Let’s check the Consulate General of Russia in Seattle website and see what is required when applying for a Russian Tourist Visa there:

To apply for a single, double or multiple three-year Tourist visa, an applicant should submit a completed visa application form, US passport, one standard picture, money order (see points 1-4 of Information on visas), as well as: – Confirmation of the hotel reservation, confirmation of reception of the tourist, and register number from the Uniform Federal Register of the Tour Operators of the Federal Tourism Agency.

So one of the main points here is that you need to book a hotel that offers so-called “Visa Support” and make additional paperwork for you when you make a reservation. This fee for this service varies from 10 to 20 Euro. But Ibis Kaliningrad just confirmed by phone that the hotel offers free visa support.

So here is the list of hotels and hostels that mentioned Visa Support service one their websites or booking services. It’s sorted by rating and reviews number. Please contact the selected hotel before making a reservation to figure out everything about this service.

Let us know if any of those places doesn’t offer the required service any more or you’ve found other places where you can get help with applying for Russian Visa. See you in Kaliningrad!

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