Train from Kaliningrad to Svetlogorsk schedule

Svetlogorsk is one of the main seaside resorts in Kaliningrad region. We`ve got a question from UK about getting there by train. Let’s start our research!

Train stations in Kaliningrad

There are two stations in Kaliningrad where you can find the train to the seaside.

  1. Youzhny Vokzal – Южный вокзал – South Station – (note the official name: Kaliningrad Passajirskiy)
  2. Severnyi Vokzal – Северный вокзал – North Station

The first one is the main city station where you can find local trains, international ones and transit to “Main Russia” like Moscow, Saint Petersburg, etc. Also you will find a big Bus Station with local and international routes, as well as the airport shuttle.

I prefer to take a train to Svetlogorsk there since it’s the route starting point and you have better chances to find a free seat. Yes, there are no allocated seats with your ticket. But this area is of the tourist path and far from the city center.

Next station is Severnyi vokzal (North Station) is for local routes to the seaside only. It’s located right next to the main city square, so it’s on option too. But expect bigger crowds on sunny days especially on weekends.

Open in Google Maps:

Local Train Schedule

Now let’s research the train schedule. I will show you to ways how to find the information about trains in Kaliningrad.

Russian Railways Website

You will find an English language version at Russian Railways website for passengers:

1) Select the right departure station: KALININGRAD PASSAJIRSK. or KALININGRAD SEVERNYI.
2) Select Arrival station: SVETLOGORSK 2. Yeap, TWO! That’s the station you need to visit the sea as a tourist. It will be the final stop for the train, so don’t afraid to miss it.
3) Select Date, Time, Round Trip – no comments here.

Let’s see the search result:

For some reason the page is in Russian. You can see: a button to change the search parameters, departure and arrival time, BUT it shows you Moscow time zone, not the local one. So this Train #6701 will depart at 06:23 local time!

One more important thing – travel time.  Most of the time you will find a direct train that will take you to Svetlogorsk in one hour. But there is also a longer routes like #6901 on the picture. It goes via smaller resort Zelenogradsk.

Yandex Timetable Service

Yandex – is a russian search engine that offers a lot of different services. The one we need is I didn’t find an English interface, but it’s designed very clear. Maybe it will be more convenient for you to use this method to travel in Russia.

You can type departure and destination in English. Select the highlighted option for Svetlogorsk, select the date and hit the Search button.

Let’s check the search results. Look for Green Train Icons in the list. You will see departure time according to local Kaliningrad Time Zone. And a ticket price – about 1.20 EUR.

No online booking is available,  all tickets must be purchased at the station.

I hope you will be able to find the right train and plan your trip on your own. But feel free to ask for help if needed! 

There are also buses for this destination, but we will describe it later in other posts.

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  1. Till when are the trains operating?
    Because according to the website the last train departure 20:36, which is to early to catch if attending to the match.
    Will there be supporting trains for the WC?

    1. Didn’t see any official updates yet, but I see good chances for that. We had some experience with special late additional trains for big events before.

      And there were late additional buses for the test matches.

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