Free Russian Visa to visit Kaliningrad for 10 days?

Good News Everyone! Russian ministry of foreign affairs is working on a new type of Russian Visa that will allow to visit Kaliningrad for 10 days. It was mentioned by Sergey Lavrov, Foreign Minister of Russia during his meeting with the local government.

So what do we know about this free Visa to Kaliningrad so far:

  • It should be free
  • valid for 10 days
  • only for visiting Kaliningrad Region
  • single entry
  • new type is called “electronic visa”… should require less paper work
  • probably it will be “issued” right at the border. Let’s hope that all border-crossing offices will work this way.
  • Minister has mentioned that it will make easier to travel for Kaliningrad citizens and their neighbors… That leaves the question open – who will be able to use this offer? Our friends from Poland and Lithuania only? EU citizens? Or everyone is welcomed?
    Update: During another event a “list of countries” was mentioned. Last time countries of Shengen Agreement, UK and Japan was in that list. Let hope a new one will be longer.

Let’s keep waiting for the official details and the date when it will be available. Stay tuned!

8 Replies to “Free Russian Visa to visit Kaliningrad for 10 days?”

  1. Is this new 10 day free Visa definitely starting in April 2018?
    I have booked flights to Vilnius and was hoping to get a train to Kaliningrad in June. My FIFA tickets are unlikely to be picked 🙁 but will be happy if I can still visit the city for sightseeing.

    1. No, this option won’t be available in April 2018 yet.

      I didn’t understand FIFA part of your question. If you have tickets for the World Cup matches than you can get FAN ID that allows traveling to Kaliningrad without a visa starting 10 days prior to the date of the first match and ending 10 days after the date of the final match of the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

  2. Any updates? I hold Chinese passport. I hope I can use this policy from Nida in Sep. by car. BTW, is it possible for a rental car to cross the border? I do want a drive around Kaliningrad.

    1. Hello, unfortunately, a new type of visa was delayed till 2019 as I remember.
      In general car rental companies do not allow to cross the border, but you can doublecheck that. But you can rent a car in Kaliningrad.

      So you need a regular tourist visa unless you are traveling for the Football World Cup.

      1. Thank you for your quick reply. I saw lots of your replies in tripadvisor. It is helpful. There are few info in web for K City. Thank you. I plan to drive from Nida to K and then drive east to Kaunas. If I rent in K, I have to go back to Nida. Not convenient for me.

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