Kaliningrad – Khrabrovo Airport Shuttle Bus and Airport Transfer

One of the recent questions from one of the travelers was: “How to get from the airport to Kaliningrad?“.

First of all there is a shuttle bus that goes every 40 minutes. Check the timetable from KGD Airport below. The ticket price is 80 RUB, aprox. 1.3 EURO or so. Sounds perfect, isn’t it?

You can check the schedule for both directions at Khrabrovo Airport Official Site.

Second option is a taxi ride. Some taxi apps shows me the prices starting from 500 Rub or so to the city center. Also there are special information desks with taxi-agents that could help you to get the ride to the destination you require.

And annoying taxi drivers that are looking for customers on their own – least recommended but sill an option too. 🙂

Also you will find several Car Rental companies inside the Khrabrovo Airport Building.

And one more exclusive option! Kaliningrad Guide Blog would like make a limited offer for our readers: free airport transfer! Just let us know in the comments below or using the Contact Us form that you need help with getting to Kaliningrad or back to the Airport. The only requirement is to write later a short review on your stay in Kaliningrad. Share some tips and ideas that could be useful for those who will travel after you.

Have a good flight! And feel free to send your questions about visiting Kaliningrad.

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  1. HI. We need help getting from Kaliningrad Airport into the city and back to the airport at 11pm Thu 28th June. ALSO we are looking for somewhere to store our carry on luggage for the day. We will be attending the football game in the evening and so would require to collect our luggage before we return to the airport at 11 pm. We arrive on Thu 28th June at 8 in the morning, and depart from the airport on Fri 29th June at 4:30 in the morning. Please advise where we can store our luggage and also availabilty of free airport transfer for the two of us. Thank you

  2. Hello. I will be arriving at the airport after midnight on 27/6. Is there any public transportation at that time ? What other option are available ?

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