Kaliningrad Weather: what to expect

We have a local joke here:

If you don’t like weather in Kaliningrad, just wait for half an hour and it will change.

This is partly true, the climate here is very “unstable” and the weather can change several times during the day. But let’s take a look at the weather statistics, so you could get a general impression what you can expect during your trip to Kaliningrad. The following table is from Wikipedia and based on very old data. But you can find both Celsius and Fahrenheit. You can see that Summer is not very hot, Winter – not cold, and Spring and Autumn temperatures can be very unpredictable.



And the next graphs are based on the actual data: average for last 7 years.

Day and Night Temperature in Kaliningrad (°C):

Sunny and rainy days per month:


By month: January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December

This should give you a general impression on Kaliningrad Weather during the year.

For a short term weather forecast I can recommend two options that I use on daily basis.

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