Bus schedule from Kaliningrad to Gdansk

This time we will talk how to get out from Kaliningrad to Gdansk, Poland. We have the same 4 bus routes that you can take to leave Russia to Gdansk.

1. Ecolines

Let’s start again with the most English-friendly company around – Ecolines. Their Bus 11514 departs from 15:00 on Thursday and Saturday from the Main Bus Station, here:

2. KenigAuto

Our second option. This company is operating Bus 249 route:

  • 06:30 Daily
  • and 16:30 Fr, Sa, Su

You can book tickets from Kaliningrad to Gdansk online, just look for the the language trigger on the page bottom. Automatic translation isn’t perfect, but it gives a clear picture of the booking process. But there is a very important step: select the right station to depart. This company is using their own bus station that is far from the city center. It’s up to you to decide which one is more suitable. Check the Google Street View, the map and the screenshot below:


    1. Kaliningrad-Moscow avenue. 184 – is the starting point

  1. Kaliningrad Railway 7 – is the second stop at the Main Bus Station. Departure time is different there too. It takes 15 or more minutes for the bus to get there through the city traffic to pick up passengers. And then it goes to the Poland border.

Note that KenigAuto company operates the hotel right next to their station also. Average review score is 6.9/10, but location is nice if you arrive or depart late or early. The cheapest room will be 20 Euro.

3. Other companies at Kaliningrad Bus Station website

Two more bus companies are using the Main Bus Station for Gdansk destination.
Bus 802 Kaliningrad, Russia – Gdansk, Poland

  • 06:00, 07:30, 15:00 Daily

Bus 900 from Russia to Sopot via Gdansk and Gdansk Airport

  • 07:00

You can book tickets from the official website. There is an automatic translation option, but feel free to contact us if you need any help with it.

p.s. just in case if you will need to ask directions in Russian

  • Main Bus station – Avtovokzal Yuzhny
  • KenigAuto Station – Avtovokzal na Moskovskom

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  1. Hello Im going to travel from Gdansk – Kaliningrad on the 14th December and Kaliningrad – Gdansk on the 17th December can you please tell what are the schedules of the bus, It is important that on Sunday I take the earliest bus from kaliningrad as my flight from Gdansk is at 8pm, I can also take the train if the schedule is better

    1. Hello, thank you for your question.

      There is no train connection between Kaliningrad and Gdansk at the moment.

      I’ve checked three bus companies, their schedule is not available for December yet. Here is closest available dates on the required day of the week.

      Gdansk – Kaliningrad on Thursday
      2 Nov – №802о 06:00, 15:00, 17:00
      16 Nov – №249 19:00

      Kaliningrad – Gdansk on Sundays
      19 Nov – №249-2 16:45
      19 Nov – №249 06:45
      5 Nov – №802 06:00 (arrival to Gdansk 08:50), 06:30
      5 Nov – №802 07:30, 15:00

      I would give 99% guarantee that this schedule will stay the same for December. So there should be no problem to travel to Kaliningrad and back in time.

      You will be able to book those tickets online next month. Let me know if any assistance required.

      Any questions regarding your trip are welcomed! Note that you will arrival and depart from this Bus Station

  2. WOOW Thankyou for the information however is there any website where i can book the tickets or see the time schedule of the buses ? Thankyou again for your kind help.

  3. Planning a Riga to Gdansk trip by bus instead of air, would like to see countryside. Bus from Riga arrives Kaliningrad at 06:10 which somewhat defeats the countryside since it is at night. Looks like the 802 bus out of Kaliningrad is best bet around 07:30. Otherwise I have to wait until 15:00. I happen to have this planned for a Thursday. Appears to be the same station, should that layover time be sufficient?

    1. I see 07:10 arrival for Riga bus at the moment. That’s a little bit risky. And 10-11 hour bus trip will be rough.

      What’s your general travel plan? You want to ride around and see everything from the bus?

      p.s. What citizenship do you have? Will you need a visa to enter Russia?

  4. Maybe it’s a time difference thing. Ecolines is showing 06:10? I am flying to Helinski, ferry to Tallin, bus to Riga. Then into Poland.

    Just trying to switch up some travel and see it from the ground. US citizenship and am concerned a bit about the Visa, I see both Eco and Lux go through Kaliningrad. There is still the 15:00 option but then will have to determine how to spend the day.

    Flight is still an option. It isn’t a money issue.

    24 May, 2018

  5. Yeap, Visa is required for US passports. And probably you will need to book some hotel to get it. Check local visa center for details.

    When exactly you are planning that trip? Maybe it’s a daylight saving time change issue.

    Will be happy to help planning the day in Kaliningrad.

    One more option if your are looking for views is Riga – Klaipeda – Kaliningrad – Gdansk. Curonian Spit is a nice nature park area.

    Also we can research some other way around Russia to avoid visa issues. Like Riga – Vilnius – Gdansk or other.

    1. We can share some experience about visiting Lithuania and Poland.
      Been only once in Riga, not a big expert for that destination yet.

  6. Hello Nick
    Many thanks for the detailled information.
    We are currently looking for a bus Gdansk – Kaliningrad on the 28th June in the morning and a BUS on the 29th June Kaliningrad – Gdansk in the afternoon? Do you recommend a specific company?
    How much time does it take by bus between these 2 cities?
    Many thanks in advance

    1. Hi, sorry for the late reply.

      I would say from my experience that Ecolines has best buses, then small and fast bus #900, then others, and KenigAuto as less preferred.

      But it’s not so important for the World Cup month, any bus will do. And we still waiting for tickets to be released for sale. As well as hoping for additional buses and other options like Gdansk – Kaliningrad Train: http://kaliningradguide.com/2017/12/26/new-trains-from-gdansk-and-klaipeda-to-kaliningrad/

  7. I’m looking for a bus from Kaliningrad to gdansk after the England v Belgium game on the 28th June or early on the 29th, or any other alternative way, maybe hire car(worst case scenario) need to be at gdansk airport by 9am 29th… any help would be much appreciated, cheers Randy

    1. As you can see there is no option to leave after the match according to the regular schedule. And the morning buses won’t take you to the Airport at 9 AM.

      So it’s either:
      – private taxi (you can google for available options)
      – hitchhiking
      – additional transport organized by locals, Polish, or England side. We are still waiting for any updates on that.
      – change your flight for a later one

      1. Thanks nick
        Looking into private taxi and that option looks the best, found a company called kiwitaxi, do you have any info on they’re authenticity n reliability, it’s actu way cheaper than I thought it would be, especially split between 4 people, 👍
        Cheers Randy

  8. Hi there could you please help me to book a bus after the game morroco vs Spain on 25th from Kaliningrad to Gdansk please

    1. At the moment there are no buses that depart so late in the night. Are you interested in morning ones on 26th?

      1. For equivalent of €80 you can catch a private taxi, google kiwitaxi, there’s a few more I think as well, but seems like a good option 👍 Randy

        1. Still wondering where they will find hundreds of taxi drivers able to cross the border… have you arranged a ride with them already?

          1. Hi Nick and Ayoub, no I have not yet booked as still exploring other options, I have however contacted the company and been in touch with a driver, all seems cool, I’m guessing as time draws near more options will become available too, bring on the World Cup, can’t wait,

  9. Hi,
    I was booking a ticket on kenigauto.com, but on the page where you fill up your personal details, I could not quite grasp what “Посадочное место” means. Based on google translate, my best guess is “Seat” – should I just put some number 1 – 42?

    1. There is a big red button below: ВЫБРАТЬ ПОСАДОЧНЫЕ МЕСТА (Select Seats).

      A new window will popup where you can choose the seat.

  10. Hello Nick,
    I’ve booked a bustrip on 28 june Gdansk – Kaliningrad and back on 29 june by avtovokzal39.ru.
    It not clear to me in which Bus station (Main Bus Station?) we arrive and depart. Is it located at the North Railway Station or at the South Railway Station?

  11. hi please I want to book a bus from Kaliningrad to Poland how can you help me and how much is the transit bus Eco bus

  12. Hello Kaliningrad Guide,
    Thanks so much for all of your infos which are hugely appreciated. I have been trying to book a bus from Kaliningrad to Gdansk on Friday 29th June (as are many people I think!) but I am having major difficulties accessing this website to book:
    http://avtovokzal39.ru/ – do you have any advice on this or alternative options?
    Thanks so much,

      1. Hi Nick,

        Thanks so much for the quick response.

        1. Unfortunately Ecolines only operate Thursday and Saturday (I need to travel on the Friday).

        2. Kenig Auto does not seem to have any availability on 29.06.

        3. When I try to access the third option -http://avtovokzal39.ru/ – I receive a message saying that thier server IP address could not be found. I have tried using several different browsers but have the same problem. Are you able to access their website OK?

        Thank you so much,

  13. Hi Nick,

    Sorry, me again! I have finally been able to access Avtovokzal39.ru via my mobile phone. Unfortunately it seems that they have no availability on 29.06.2018.

    Maybe I will have to walk from Kaliningrad to Gdansk to get my flight 🙂

    Please do share if you are aware of any other transport options!

    Thanks again,

    1. Sorry for the late reply. Hope you made it and had a great time in Kaliningrad!

      Hitchhiking is always an option, especially for big events.

  14. Hi Nick,
    Wondering if you could help me.

    Using KenigAuto on the 30th July from Kaliningrad to Gdnask, could you tell me where KALININGRAD-ZHELEZNODOROZHNAYA 7, PL. NO. 2 is?

    I am really confused if its in the main bus station part or not? Any advice on this location would be great.

  15. Hi Nick,
    I would like to ask you if you could help me with finding tickets from Tricity (Gdańsk/Gdynia/Sopot) to Kalinigrad on 25th of April in the morning (they have flight to St. Petersburg at 2:25 pm) and way back in 1st of May around 4:00 pm (or later). 9 people.
    I have tried with PKS Gdańsk (they do not have 9 tickets) and Kenig Auto’s timetable does not match. Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance, Marta

    1. Witam Marta, I see following available options for you:

      April, 25
      06:00 Gdansk – 09:30 Kaliningrad – 34 seats
      07:00 Gdansk – 10:50 Kaliningrad – 18 seats

      May, 1
      15:00 Kaliningrad – 18:50 Gdansk – 27 seats
      18:00 Kaliningrad – 21:50 Gdansk – SOLD OUT 🙁 we have long holidays and a lot of local travelers leave Russia on those days
      May, 2
      06:00 Kaliningrad – 09:50 Gdansk – 24 seats
      Or later…

      There is a flight to warsaw on Mat, 1 evening… should we explore other options rather than Tricity?

      Let me know if you will need any help.

      1. Hi Nick,
        thank you very much for your prompt reply 🙂 Do you know how can I book 9 tickets via website? I have not seen there wa such an option..Should I buy one by one?
        On a way back – my clients consider also Olsztyn, Elbląg etc. – but I think it will be the same connection as to Tricity.
        I will check the flight as well, thank you.

        1. When entering all required information regarding the first passenger, you will find a button to add the next one, right below the ticket price.

          P.S. Can’t find any evening options for Olsztyn on May, 1, unfortunately.

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