How to get to Kaliningrad from Gdansk by bus

This is one of the most frequent questions asked by the travelers. It’s quite easy in general, but it’s hard to find an actual information in English.

There are 4 different bus routes that will bring you from this part of Poland to Russia. There is three websites that will help you:

1. Ecolines

The most English-friendly company with online booking is Ecolines. They offer two morning rides per week. This is the part of their longer route from Germany.

Ecolines Bus №11514
06:25 Tuesday and Sunday

Please note that Ecolines Bus stop is not on the main Bus Station, but next to the Railway station: 2 Waly Jagiellonskie str. Check the map below.



However, that’s not all options. Here are the main ones, but they are less English-friendly. So here we go…

2. KenigAuto

KenigAuto company offers you the bus № 249 from Gdansk to Kaliningrad.

  • 19:00 daily
  • 21:00 Friday, Saturday and Sunday Note that this buses departs from the bus stop right outside the bus station. Check the red arrow on the map below.

To book tickets follow this link and find the language trigger on the page bottom. Automatic translation isn’t perfect, but it gives a clear picture of the booking process.

3. Other companies at Kaliningrad Bus Station website

Third option is the Kaliningrad Bus Station website that also has the translate option. So you can try to check the actual schedule yourself. Here the list of the buses actual for November 2016.

  1. № 802 – departs from the main bus station.
    • 06:00, 15:00, 17:00 daily
  2. Bus № 900 – departs from the bus stop outside the station. Check the map below.
    • 18:30 Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

They do not provide the English interface during the booking process at the moment. So here are some tips for you and the direct link to the Kaliningrad Bus Station Booking Page:Gdansk Kaliningrad Bus Tickets

  1. From – Гданьск
  2. To – Калининград
  3.  Date
  4. One-way ticket
  5. With return ticket
  6. Search
  7. Bus number
  8. Departure time
  9. Select this bus
  10. Arrival time
  11. Price in Rubles
  12. Free places
  13. Weekdays


14. Surname
15. Name
16. Place of Birth
17. Birthday
18. Gender Мужчина = Male and Женщина = Female
19. Phone number to contact you
20. Select the place… automatically by default
21. Citizenship
22. ID Document type Choose 4th in the list: Иностранный which means Foreign
23. Document number
24. Add passenger
25. Agree with terms and conditions
26. BUY Finally!

On the next step your contact phone will be requested again and then the standard credit card payment operations will follow.

Where to find a bus from Gdansk to Kaliningrad?

Red – 249 and 900
Green – 802
Yellow – Ecolines №11514
Pink – the passage under the railway station
White – Bus stop from the Airport.


So here is the basic information about this Route from Poland to Russia. It was updated in November2016 and changes are possible. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you need additional help and info about your future trip! See you in Kaliningrad! Daylight saving time changes didn’t affect the schedule.

Update: If you arrive to the Gdańsk Lech Wałęsa Airport, than check out this article: How to get from Gdansk airport to Kaliningrad.

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  1. Hi Nick I am planning on getting the 802 bus at 15:00 tomorrow, do you know what time this arrives in kaliningrad?

      1. Hi, I wonder if the arrival time according to the bus schedule would be the same in winter month (say December). I read that the local time in Kaliningrad would be faster than in Poland in winter by 1 hour.

        1. Hello Ronald.

          There could be changes in the bus schedule. We will keep an eye on that and update the article if needed.

          But the tickets that are available for online booking already should be valid, at least departure time.

          We will add the article about Kaliningrad Time Zone soon! Thank you for that idea.

          Let us know if you need any help with information about visiting Kaliningrad!

  2. Hi Nick
    I’m going to Kaliningrad in less than 2 weeks time and tonight I have been trying to use the website you showed to book my ticket. Unfortunately, the date option doesn’t appear to be working in any language! Are you having the same problem?
    Also, do you know if it is possible to buy the ticket in Gdansk bus station on the day of the trip? That might be easier but the bus could be quite busy. I plan to get the bus at 15.00, Bus 802.
    Thanks for your help, mate!

    1. Hello Douglas! It`s a known issue of that site with NaN.NaN.NaN date. Don’t use that calendar. Just type the required date yourself, 21.10.2017 or another one.

      Ususaly it’s possible to buy tickets at the station and sometimes the driver can sell you one. But it always better to book it in advance.

      1. Thanks for your help, Nick! I managed to buy the ticket fine. I just started from the main homepage of the website and I managed to book my ticket 🙂 So everything is good 🙂 It did mention some road works which may mean traffic delays of upto 5 hours though 🙂
        Thanks again for all your help 🙂

  3. Hi nick

    I have Tickets for next years World Cup – any idea when I would be able to book a bus from gdanks to Kaliningrad?

    I arrive on Friday June 22nd around 9am and the game kicks off at 9pm.


    1. Hi, let’s take a look.

      There are 4 different bus companies that work with Gdansk destination.
      Today is November 7,

      • Ecolines buses offers tickets till March 27
      • KenigAuto – January 6
      • PolskiBus November 30
      • Bus Station – December 22

      I think this gives us some picture of how long it will take to wait for any ticket for next summer.

      Here is a schedule I’ve found for this Friday.

      Departs 19:00 – Arrives 00:05

      Departs 21:00 – Arrives 01:05
      Departs 19:00 – Arrives 02:25

      Bus Station
      Departs 06:00 – Arrives 10:30
      Departs 15:00 – Arrives 19:30
      Departs 17:00 – Arrives 21:30
      Departs 18:30 – Arrives 22:10

      So there is only one option that will work for you: the one that departs at 15:00 and arrives 19:30. And this don’t include a risk of traffic jams on the border… close call. There could be some changes due to the World Cup, but no official info on that yet.

  4. Can you tell me please what bus I need to take from kaliningrad bus station to kaliningrad centre and what is the name of the the bus stop. I will arrive from Gdansk to kaliningrad at 19:30
    Another question is the time on the tickets is for that particular city ? Im going to use the Avtovokzal

    1. Hi! Welcome to Kaliningrad!

      Time should be local. Note that arrival depends on border check, can be earlier or later.

      Almost every bus goes to the center from the station.

      Here is a link to the bus stop, you will find some buses mentioned there too.

      Can you specify exact address or a place you need to get? So I could be more specific. You can use email for privacy if needed

      Also note that you will need some russian cash to pay for a bus ride.

  5. I’m in the USA and trying to buy a ticket for bus 802 on at 15:00 on March 31. The website rejects every credit card that I try to use. Do you have any ideas how I can book the ticket?

    1. Hello, have you managed to solve the issue? Their website is terrible but still legit.

      Just as a plan B I can purchase that ticket for you and then meet you in Kaliningrad.

      1. My Mastercard credit card purchase was successful today. Which is odd since it was rejected like a dozen times over the last 7 days, using this card and other cards. Thanks for your offer.

  6. My flight gets into Gdansk at 1335 on 27th June. If I book the 802 bus at 1500 would I be allowed to take the 1700 bus if I didn’t get to the station in time?

    1. I think that No, and all buses will be sold out in advance probably.

      If you are afraid of being late, probably you could buy both tickets for worst case scenario.

  7. Hey Nick.
    Can u tell me plz which time close de border between Poland and Russia?I booked a taxi at 2AM from kaliningraad ro Gdansk after a match of world cup next june….
    Thax a lot.

  8. Hey Nick.
    Can u plz tell me if u have any information about the credibility of kiwitax?is that an option to get out of Kaliningraad at 2Am?

  9. I just did this trip a few days ago. Bus #802 departing Gdansk at 3pm. The bus left right on time from platform 11.

    I managed to buy the ticket online using my American (Citibank) credit card after many failed attempts. Printed out the ticket at home which doesn’t have a bar code or anything, just an A4 paper listing name, bus number, seat number, etc. but that’s the ticket.

    The seats are 2X2, they run left to right, so seat 1 is on left window, seat 2 is on aisle, seat 3 is on aisle across, seat 4 is far window. So my seat, 21, was a window seat. The seat numbering isn’t on the top of the seat or over the seat, to check the seat number look down at the base of the seat.

    No toilets on the bus. There are toilets in Gdansk bus station (2 zloty). The bus takes an hour to get to Elblag where there is a five minute toilet stop (2 zloty). Then after another hour the bus pulled up to Polish departure immigration for another toilet stop (free, I think).

    Polish officer got on bus, collected all passports, spent like 30 minutes stamping all the passports at the front of the bus, handed them all back out.

    Then a short drive to the Russian immigration building. Bus driver makes some announcements in Russian, none of which I understood, except he kept saying “Ukranian,” so I guess they have special treatment/procedures.

    There’s a toilet in the Russian immigration building you can use before you go through passport control. I’m American, the officer spent a long time scrutinizing all the stamps in my passport and then called someone about having an “Ameerikan” in his line and then stamped me in.

    Large bags stayed in the compartment under the bus at all times .

    We arrived in Kaliningrad sometime after 7 p.m., despite there being no traffic and no wait for other buses or processing at immigration, so I’d guess the 3.5 hour scheduled arrival is rarely achieved.

    For those interested, I didn’t see a luggage storage area in the Gdansk bus station, however it’s connected to the train station by a tunnel and there is a manner left luggage office there on the 0 level and lockers on the main level near the McDonald’s.

    Kalinigrad bus station has some crazy very old looking Russian combination lockers with of course no English instructions so good luck with that.

      1. Hello Nick !

        Do you know when does the site make available the ticket purchase?, I mean how many time previous the departing date are the tickets available because I want to buy one ticket for June 16th and the site does not allow me that date.

        And also what is the site where I am available to book a taxi for a round trip from Gdansk to Kaliningrad?

        Thank you so much in advance.

        1. There are different sites and different systems, you should check all links regularly. I believe that match dates should be on sale already.

  10. Nick,

    I have the same problem like the guy above. I arrive during the World Cup on 22nd of June at 09 am in Gdansk. Is it possible that a local taxi driver from Kaliningrad pick us up there. Do you know someone who offer such a service.



    1. Sorry. Can’t recommend any specific option so far.

      You can join our WhatsApp group to search someone to share a ride. Also, we have a guy that with to organize fan buses.

  11. Hi Nick. Do you by any chance know if those 5 hours delays that they mention on the website are still happening? Are we likely to get stuck in one of those when we are traveling in June on a 5 pm bus? Should we try the earlier bus instead?

    1. There are ongoing roadworks on Poland side, that message is a precaution for worst case scenario.

      But if you have an option to depart earlier – than yes, prematch time in Kaliningrad will be fun too.

      1. Good to know. Thanks a lot, Nick! It seems avtovokzal39 doesn’t sell June tickets yet. Do they start selling them only 10 days in advance or it is just my computer acting up?

          1. Today I checked again and was able to buy our June tickets from Gdansk to Kaliningrad. Thanks!
            p.s. By the way, like some others here I did have to talk to my bank for the transaction to go through.

  12. Hey Nick! Last week I purchased a one-way ticket for bus № 249 (Gdansk to Kaliningrad) on KenigAuto. The payment transaction was completed successfully and I received my ticket.

    A few days later, I wanted to purchase the return ticket (from Kaliningrad back to Gdansk). This turned out to be easier said than done. I have now been trying for days and with multiple credit and debit cards, but every time I get the following error: “This transaction is prohibited”.

    I see that @gavinmac had the same issue, but his transaction was successful at last. Do you perhaps know of any other way of solving this, other than trying infinitely?

    1. Some fans in Kaliningrad WhatsApp had that issue. I think some managed to solve that by contacting their bank.

  13. Hello Nick. When I purchased my ticket from Gdansk to Kaliningrad it mentioned an up to 5 hour delay because of road repairs. Can you tell me if this an old message or if it’s still the case?
    Thanks, Paul.

    1. Road reconstruction works a going on there for ages. Usualy doesn’t make any difference. That’s the worst case scenario.

  14. Hi!
    I m desperately trying to buy N.802 bus ticket from Gdansk to Kaliningrad for the 15th of may but, even if in the ste the bus seems to be empty ,during the “purchase” it says that is completed or the selling is alredy closed…
    Maybe theinternet site doesn’t perit purchases in certains hours? or it s just really packed?

    1. You probably face the Date input issue. Don’t use the popup calendar. Type the required date yourself.

  15. Edit
    I managed to enter in the purchase (from Gdansk to Kaliningrad the 15 of may , the 06 hours bus).
    I m using my mastercard-paypal….but it is rejected everytime…..
    Is that normal? Can I simply by ticket while at the station,at 05:30 in the morning?or it s too risky?

    1. Check if your bank isn`t blocking the payment. And try to book tickets one by one, sometimes that helps too.

      1. Thank You, Nick.
        I managed to get tickets using credit card’s friend ( MasterCard) without no problem, so…cool!
        But now I’m wondering if…:
        I will be able to use my debit MasterCard in Kaliningrad? (for paying or take money from ATM)

        1. Should be ok, if your bank doesn’t mind that.

          I’ve heard that there was VISA only payment rule at the stadium last year. Not

  16. The departure time for the bus that I have booked for 27th June has changed. It was the 1700 Bus 802. Now seems to depart at 1450, but still arriving at 2030. Is this correct do you think? There is still the 802 bus departing at 1500 arriving at 1830.

  17. i completed the payment process , but did not receive any ticket via my email, who should i contact please

  18. I even trying calling the number listed on their site and no luck, i dont speak Russain, i am calling them from Germany and each time i call and ask if some one speaks English, they hang up the phone. I believe i was scammed!

  19. Hi, always when i want to go to the payment page, after all Informations (Name, Phone, Mail, Birthdate, Passport-Nr.,…), the Page was “down”, i’ll have only a colourful page without payment details. Anyone an idea?

    its on the page

    Thx and Greetings

  20. Hi Nick!

    Maybe you cold help me a bit with choosing the correct citizenship from the list. I try book a bus (3rd option) and I cannot find Finnish from the list, at least what I get from google translation does not match any of the list. Any idea what it could be?

    Many thanks beforehand!

    Br, Sami

  21. I am trying to buy bus tickets on as instructed above, but I cannot get passed the “checking for availability” page. The site says that there are 30 free places on the bus, so it can’t be sold out.
    Any advice what to do?

    1. I have managed to buy tickets, the site was just very slow, and I think it didn’t work well when I tried to buy two tickets at once.

  22. Hello , i have a ticket for the 24 June departing from Gdansk , which i got with What is the bus stop location?

  23. Hey Nick, noted that Ecolines bus got only weekly 2 morning departures that I love from Gdansk, is there a train ready for this line too and where could I book the ticket online in advance???

    I’m actually going to run the path of Amber, so any recommendation of nights to stay in Kaliningrad downtown??? As some Russians also recommends the sea side in Svetlogorsk.


    1. Hello Alice!

      Yes, Ecolines offer a limited number of options. You can check other bus companies too with the daily schedule. Unfortunately, the train is still unavailable for this destination.

      I think 2-3 days is ok for Kaliningrad city. If you want to go in the region add a day or two. Maybe if worth to stat at the seaside too.

      If you interested in Amber topic, take a look at Yantarny:
      A small city with one of the best beaches and hotels in the region, plus several tourist attractions related to Amber including active amber quarry and museum.

      Svetlogorsk very touristic, Zelenogradsk and Curonian Spit could be interesting too. But it also depends if you plan to go to Lithuania later. Seaside there is cool too!

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