How to get a Taxi in Kaliningrad, Russia

One of the basic things – TAXI. But what about English language? I’ve found a nice option for travelers. Taxi Maxim offers you an English web interface as well as reasonable prices for a ride in Kaliningrad taxi and the all region. You can see the final price during the ordering process. So you are safe from greedy taxi drivers that can ask for triple fare from the naive tourists at the railway, the bus stations or the airport. And you can pre-order a cab in the Settings menu as well.

Order the Taxi in Kaliningrad

It’s not a classic Taxi company, more like Uber style with private car owners. But I’ve heard about one guy that owns up to 50 cars with hired drivers. My family is using this service for a year and a half and don’t have any complaints so far.

I’ve just had called them and had a conversation with the call-center. They said that not all operators know English, but you still can give it a try and call them in the old fashioned way: +7 4012 999-666.

One more thing: Taxi Maxim offers apps for iPhone, Windows and Android.

Russian Taxi Application

p.s. Found one more Kaliningrad taxi company with English option on their website, but they use only Cyrillic alphabet in the address field. Not 100% English-friendly.

Kaliningrad Taxi English Language

3 Replies to “How to get a Taxi in Kaliningrad, Russia”

  1. Hi, is it easy to get a taxi on Saturday around 6am to the bus station? I need to take the bus to Gdansk. im brazilian and don’t speak Russian.

    1. Check Yandex Taxi app, best English interface available. Should be ok in the morning.

      But are we talking about the World Cup or regular days?

  2. Thanks for the reply nick! I’m talking about world cup days, my bus leaves at 7.30 am.
    do you know if the bus to gdansk is near the train station?
    thank you so much!

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